Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are the standard terms for the provision of photography services to clients by Nicki Cooper (the Photographer), trading as Dragonfly Photography.

These are provided to ensure the client is fully informed of any expectations and commitments before using our services. By booking a photography session or purchasing a gift voucher with Dragonfly Photography you are agreeing to abide by these terms and conditions.

Price and Payment

Up-to-date prices and specific details of each package can be found here. Full payment  must be made to secure a booking at least one week in advance of the session date. Some popular sessions require payment at the time of booking to secure a time, this will be stated on the advertisement and at the time of booking.

By making payment for a session or gift voucher you are agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions outlined here.


UK law recognizes that as soon as the photos are taken, copyright belongs to the Photographer. The Photographer retains copyright to all photographs taken. It is an infringement of copyright to do any of the following without the permission of the copyright owner:

  • Make copies of images, including, but not limited to, downloading and taking screenshots of previews from social media
  • Altering or manipulating images in any way
  • Removing any watermarks from an image

Previews of a photoshoot are typically shared online through social media shortly after a session has taken place, photos may also be shared online and through printed media for promotional purposes. Clients have a right to privacy preventing the sharing of the pictures to the public and must indicate this on their booking form if they wish to deny permission to share images.

Cancellations and Rescheduling

In the result of illness of the client(s) it is permitted to reschedule a session free of charge if the Photographer is notified 24 hours prior to the session time. Sessions may be rescheduled a maximum of two times by the client before the booking is terminated; in this instance the amount paid at the time of booking is non-refundable.

If a session is cancelled by the client the amount paid at the time of booking is non-refundable. If a newborn session needs to be cancelled due to premature birth or a bereavement in relation to the birth meaning in is inappropriate to reschedule a full refund will be given, or in the case of payment by gift voucher this may be transferred to a family portrait session.

In the unlikely event that the Photographer cannot fulfill the session on the agreed date every effort will be made to reschedule the session to a new date agreed by both parties. If the session is time specific such as an event, cake smash or seasonal mini-session and a new time or date is not appropriate liability shall be limited to a full refund of any fees paid.

Force Majeure

If the session is due to take place outside it may be rescheduled at no cost to either party as a result of poor weather and a new date will need to be agreed by both parties. Poor weather is deemed to be that which could result in damage to the photography equipment such as rain or heavy snow.

In the unlikely event that the Photographer must cancel the session completely as a result of events beyond their control liability shall be limited to a full refund of any fees paid.

Cooperation & Etiquette

Communication between the client and Photographer is expected to be polite and courteous before, during and after the session.

The Photographer will use their best judgement when selecting poses, locations and number of photos taken. A basic level of co-operation is expected from clients during the session to achieve the best photos possible. Every effort will be made by the Photographer to actively engage and encourage children to participate in the session, parents/guardians are expected to assist the Photographer in posing and positioning children as much as possible. The Client is responsible for children at all times.

The client is expected to cooperate with the Photographer before and during the session. The Photographer is not responsible for any missed images as a result of the client not reading pre-shoot information, a lack of co-operation during the session or a lack of communication from the client regarding specific desired images or poses.

Digital Images

Digital images will be presented to the client through the use of an online gallery. The number of images included is stated on the Prices page, typically full-length photo shoots include 5 high-resolution digital JPEG files without logo or watermark included in the price. Mini-sessions range from 1-3 images depending on the type of session and stated on the advertisement (these are selected by the Photographer unless stated otherwise).

Additional JPEG files can be ordered up to 6 months after the photo shoot for £10 per photo. It is not possible to receive the RAW files.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are non-refundable and must be used for the photo shoot or products for which they were issued, as stated on the voucher.

Gift vouchers are valid for one year from date of issue.

If a voucher for a Newborn session cannot be used due to premature birth or a bereavement in relation to the birth the voucher time may be extended by one year or transferred to a family portrait session.

Personal Accidents

Any directions issued to clients or their children during a photo session are deemed to be at said persons own risk or in the case of children, parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring their child’s safety at all times. The Photographer cannot be held responsible for any personal accidents during a photo session.


The Photographer will endeavour to deliver digital proofs for viewing and selection purposes as soon as possible and usually within two weeks, however this can take up to 4 weeks during busy periods.

Photos are provided by the use of an online gallery powered by Pixieset. Unless all photos have been purchased in advance, initial photos in the gallery will be in the form of low resolution proofs, may not be fully edited and contain a watermark. Once the client has selected their chosen images, they will receive edited, high resolution digital JPEG files without logo or watermarks.

Orders for printed products are paid for, fulfilled and distributed through Pixieset directly from the client’s online gallery. Any queries regarding printed products, including delivery times and quality should be forwarded directly to pixieset.com.